MacLaren Homeopathy

Journey through Change

Additional Resources


The Weeping Camel  A story filmed 'at the speed of life,' with a homeopathic healing at the end.

Fierce Grace   An inspiring documentary on Ram Dass' post-stroke recovery.


Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy  Amy Lansky. Covers the history, philosophy, and science of homeopathy; and a collection of her personal experiences with homeopathy (including her son's recovery from autism). A lovely introductory book. Amy comes from a strong science background.

The Science of Homeopathy   George Vithoulkas. For those with interest in the science behind this elegant system of healing.

Books by Ullman/Cummings or Miranda Castro on using homeopathy in first aid and acute illness situations. Good for learning the basics of homeopathy. Handy reference books.

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity   Julia Cameron. A practical guide to developing your inner voice, your creativity. Her two recommended and pivotal tools that I practice, are the three pages of daily morning writing ("they keep my consciousness scrubbed clean"), and the weekly "artist's date." This book came to me when I decided I wanted to develop my intuition.

Any books or audio-recordings by Stephen Levine on grief and loss.

The Way of Transition: Embracing Life’s Most Difficult Moments   William Bridges. I met this book through my work with Hospice. Relates the author’s experience of loss through the death of his wife. His work had been guiding others through transitions. He distinguishes between ‘transition’ (developmental and deeper – letting go of an old way of living that lacks meaning or usefulness) and ‘change’ (like re-arranging the furniture or changing jobs, in order to feel better). A transition is the space between the old, that we’ve left, and the new, that we can’t yet see. It is a chaotic time, with loads of creative potential.


John O'Donohue's poem: For Grief

Ram Dass' letter to grieving parents  Also read aloud in the documentary Fierce Grace.