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These Days...

These days I am reading Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O'Donohue. What is beauty? Beauty is a big part of why I love homeopathy so much. Homeopathy, among many other things, offers us the opportunity to explore symmetry, balance, pattern (or lack thereof) in one's life; and to perhaps get a glimpse of the eternal, an awareness of the soul's needs, at the same time.

Alcohol in Homeopathic Remedies: Yes and No

Alcohol is used as a stabilizer and preservative in the manufacturing process of  liquid homeopathic remedies.

Sugar pills are then medicated with this liquid but the alcohol evaporates off them during the drying process so they are then alcohol-free.

If homeopathic remedies are supplied for use in liquid form, alcohol may have been added at the final stage of preparation to preserve this liquid.

If you don't want alcohol in your remedy, ask your homeopath to prepare it in water only. Then to stop the growth of microbes, keep it tightly sealed in a dark place or chilled in the fridge.

If your liquid remedy already contains alcohol, leaving it uncapped for 1-2 days will allow the alcohol to evaporate off the liquid so that only water and sucrose (or lactose, depending on the manufacturer) remains. The remedy should then be capped and refrigerated to avoid microbial growth.

Encounter on the Trail with the Teacher of Love

September 2, 2012

Colin's day approaches. Three years gone. Full moon has passed. What would I say about Colin if we did a Talking Circle on the day. I consider this one morning, as dog Benny and I walk the beautiful trail behind our house. What would I say? Something real. Something close to my heart.

Re: Overcoming the Robotic MInd - Why Humanity Must Come Through

Question: We clearly live at a time of considerable confusion and uncertainty; what essential message would you like to pass to your readers concerning the immediate years ahead?

Julian Rose:
The underlying reason for insecurity, fear and a lack of sense of direction, is due to the discovery that life is not the straight line from A to B. Not exactly the straight forward march to social and economic security we were led to believe it would be by our education system. It is actually much closer to what the English poet William Blake called a "crooked road of genius."