MacLaren Homeopathy

Journey through Change

Welcome to my blog!

One woman's journey so far.

This website represents my movement out into a larger community. And I want to use the blog format to mark pauses or reflections along the way. I love homeopathy and I want to share the experience of homeopathy in my life. Homeopathy is a huge umbrella that catches so much under its shelter - maybe all of life - where all is grist for the mill, all is on the Path, everything we encounter is there for our learning and growth.

At this point in my journey I am 61 years old. I have lived with my husband for 36 years and our Bichon dog for 14 years. We live in a beautiful mountain town in BC. I feel grateful for my life. Most days, life feels effortless. Other times I face emotions that are challenging or persistent - they come up again and again. I now have tools to work with my 'negative' thoughts and feelings and I am happy to share them with you.

At this point in my journey I am engaged in 'mind training'. Yes, Mind Training. At last. Much of my life has been spent being victim to my mind's folly (unruly mind!), victim to my thoughts and feelings, and so creating a lot of unnecessary suffering for myself (and others). As victim I have no control, no power, no choice. I'm helpless, at the mercy of my thoughts and emotions and compelled to act or feel in certain ways. Then I feel stuck - in a mood, or a difficult space - and it feels like there's no escape, no end. As a Mind in Training I am learning though that thoughts are only thoughts, and feelings are only feelings, and that they do pass and that fighting them only makes it worse. Resistance is useless! Resistance creates suffering. And so there I am; in a place of my own making. What to do?

Sometimes I welcome and accept my negative thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I will say to them: "I love you" and "Thankyou" and they fly out the window. Sometimes that's all it takes. Mind Training is like training an unruly dog that you love to bits, but his paws are  muddy and he has to stay outside. Good Boy! I love you! Here's a treat. Stay! Maybe the training is done by my 'higher' wisdom, the Witness behind-the-scenes, the One who sees the larger picture, the One who does not judge. My 'higher' self sees with compassion and acceptance. My Higher Self accepts the nature of the mind (or the dog), to create an intervention that 'allows'  the mind to leave willingly, without force. And so I am released from my persistent thoughts and can focus elsewhere. In a nutshell; becoming unstuck first requires acceptance of one's self.

And so, Journey Through Change. I understand the feeling of 'stuck', where there is no release, no escape, no hope. The good news is that you can be 'unstuck.' I chose my banner photo, water flowing over rocks, and background leaves turning from green to red, because they speak Life for me. The stream is alive, flowing, bubbling, swirling. The changing leaves mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. I am engaged in the same process and I am grateful.