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Homeopathy Awareness Month happens every April, as a way for homeopaths to celebrate Samuel Hahnemann's (homeopathy's founder) birthday, and to bring homeopathy out into the public eye by making a little (or a lot of) noise about this beautiful system of healing. This year the theme is Homeopathy for Men. Men have their own particular concerns and ailments, and homeopathy has remedies specific to their needs, in both acute and chronic conditions.

As part of this celebration, I'm inviting you to my "Meet and Greet" table in front of the Kootenay Co-op, 295 Baker St., on Thursday April 24, from 10-2 pm. Take home some handouts, some homeopathy info, and if you fill out a ticket, a chance to win Cumming's and Ullman's book: Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines (a classic!). Come have a chat! I'd love to meet you! Bring your questions! If you're reading this blog you probably know something about homeopathy!

As well, during April and May, you'll receive a 20% discount for booking an initial consult with me.

Hope to see you there!



Journey through Change