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Journey through Change

Completion, Wholeness and Connection for a Beloved Volunteer

Recently, one of our Hospice volunteers received a terminal diagnosis. Several of us gathered one evening to create a Healing Circle, to offer up our collective healing energy for her and her family. In doing this, we recognize (then and now) that 'healing' means 'wholeness', not necessarily 'cure.' With the news of a terminal diagnosis comes shock, and feeling shattered, broken apart.

In shock, we can, for a time lose our ground, our connection to Love or Life or Reality, whatever you might call it. Shock breaks through our integrity, and we lose our sense of wholeness, our feeling of connection to ourselves and to each other. The Healing Circle offers the possibility of Wholeness and Completion and Connection once again. Contact with others in the Circle reminds us that we are all in 'this thing' together. The Circle has no beginning and no end, reminding us of that which is eternal, that which does not die. The Circle is complete: it gathers all our shattered parts into its perimeter, so that we can, even if only for a moment, recocognize our own completion and wholeness. So that we can, if only for a time, know that All is Well.

Our dear volunteer died peacefully on October 16.

Journey through Change