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Moose Meets Car

Trauma creates a held 'charge' in our bodies; so that when we are reminded of that trauma, when the memory is triggered, it's as if the trauma is happening right now. Along with the thought or memory, comes the adrenalin, pumping through, and with that, the emotional 'charge' of the original event. We want to either fight, or flee, or freeze. We are re-experiencing the original trauma. What will release this emotional charge, so that we can simply have the memory, without the distress? I want to offer some answers to this question, with the following story.

moose meets car

One Saturday afternoon several months ago, my husband  called to say: "I've had an accident." Oh. This time a moose, 800 pounds of moose. The moose had run halfway across the road at the Junction, and then froze when he saw Dan's car coming. The moose collided with the top and windshield area of the car. Dan emerged from the car, shaking quite badly, but relatively unscathed physically (he was quite emotionally distressed, and that's another story). 

My story:

When Dan called, I was about to watch an engrossing youtube video with a friend, on the porch. On the phone with Dan, I went into a slight panic in my head: "What can I do? I have to do something! But I don't have a car! And I wanted to watch the video! Dan is taken care of. He's in good hands. There are many kind people helping him."

So what seemed like a big step for me was to begin some EFT with Dan on the phone, because he was shaking so much, and that  was the only available tool we had. It was a big step for me, in an 'emergency' to consider another's distress in the moment, rather than my own. My friend on the porch was tapping along with us. So we all did some healing then.

Know that, in a crisis situation, if you can do EFT, or take some Arnica or Rescue Remedy, you can release any emotional charge (ie. trauma) that is building up. As well, these therapies can bring you back to centre; they 'ground' you, take you out of panic mode, and enable you to act effectively and do what is needed in the moment.

So, I had veered away from a lot of time and energy spent feeling confused and disoriented (no help to myself or anyone else really), feeling that I had to do something; and could instead watch the video that I had wanted to watch. I knew Dan was taken care of: he was brought home an hour later by the RCMP.  

Arnica is the quintessential trauma remedy. After Arnica, there may be specific issues that need addressing by another remedy: for example, I gave Dan Arnica when he came home, and then later Gelsemium because he had been shaking so much and had gone through such a deep fright, an 'ordeal' really - he could have been killed. Aconite and Opium are 'fright' remedies too, after Arnica.

Journey through Change