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Journey through Change

What if it's 'the' cancer instead of 'my' cancer....

When it's 'the' cancer instead of 'my' cancer, I can relate to others with the same difficulty, and I can send compassion into the cancer rather than helplessly avoiding it and turning its pain to suffering. When it's 'my' cancer, 'my' AIDS, I am isolated from the source of my greatest comfort. I am locked in with my suffering.

When it's 'the' depression, I take it less personally and I am not too threatened to investigate it...seeing the universality of our shared condition offers a broader path of healing on which to continue...When it's 'the' pain, it has the whole universe to float in; when it's 'my' pain, I'm standing alone in it.

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Heaven is an emanation from the centre of the heart. Hell is the heat produced from the friction of opposing desires, a dissonance between what we thought we should be and what we thought we were. It is maintained by judgment and righteous indignation. It is our fallen angel.

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We  are members of the community of impermanence.


Journey through Change