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Vaxxed the Movie

Something is afoot. Vaxxed is out in theatres across the US. If you are new to the vaccine issue, you may not know what I'm talking about. If you are a parent exploring the issue on behalf of your unborn or young child or grandchild, then Bravo!

Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree and Polly Tommy have made the documentary Vaxxed to expose the corruption and fraud at the CDC (Centre for Disease Control). 

A 2004 study by the CDC revealed that certain populations (African-American boys) and certain ages (children who were developmentally normal up until 12 months) were more susceptible to developing autism after the combination MMR vaccine. This information was suppressed: those results which did not conform to 'politically correct' results, were eliminated from the final numbers, actually thrown in the garbage. So the CDC could then say: "the MMR vaccine does not cause autism."This information has come to light because of a whistleblower, William Thompson, whom we hear speaking in the film.

It's a thriller of a story. I haven't seen it yet. I would certainly push for a showing of it here in Nelson.

In this film, the children's stories are acknowledged. Prepare to weep. 

California is foisting mandatory vaccinations on their children, with only a narrow medical exemption, via legislation. Can we call this 'tyranny?'

Vaxxed is not an anti-vaccine film. It makes a demand for safe vaccines (is there such a thing though?). It makes a demand for parental choice. It is a film that exposes fraud at the highest levels. It gives us facts.

I confess: I admire Andrew Wakefield. He is a 'deeply good' man (I quote a friend who met him). He has made this film because he sees that infants and children are put 'in harm's way' with vaccines (and other environmental toxins, but notably vaccines and their ingredients), the combination MMR in particular, and there is an epidemic of autism. [Boys are more vulnerable because of testosterone, which opens up the bloodbrain barrier; whereas estrogen in girls protects the brain].

It is necessary to wake up to this fact/reality: that there is an epidemic! Very disturbing. Very distressing to witness the suffering of children and families. Almost unbearable.

I remember my waking-up process. I remember feeling such anger, such grief, when certain facts were brought to light. It can't be! They wouldn't do that to us! I don't want to live in a world where things like that happen! But then thankfully, in my waking-up, I acknowledge and accept responsibility for my child, and I acknowledge responsibility for my decisions concerning his wellbeing. During my life, at MANY points along the way, I have acquiesced to an external authority. Then a time comes when I can no longer submit. I think that means a time when I hear, and actually listen to, my heart speak. I must then respond from my own sense of knowing what is right. I must speak and act from my own authority.

The bigger discovery in this is that there is nothing to fear! Andrew Wakefield reflects fearlessness in his personhood and his tireless work toward the greater good.

Do I want to live from a place of fear, or from love?

Check out the link I've included. A number of you I know, have opted for 'unvaccination' or homeoprophlaxis. Do know that there is a choice.

Love, Margo

Journey through Change