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Joining the Dots

Last Sunday I facilitated a discussion with a group of Kootenay doulas: Using Homeopathy for Labour and Birth. I was prepped beforehand on what situations most commonly arise during labour and birth, and was able to do some research. I have been out of the birth loop for quite a while.

My retired midwife colleague and friend suggested two excellent books: Miranda Castro’s Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Baby’s First Year and Richard Moskowitz MD Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth. A couple of excellent tips too for post-birth: comfrey poultice and a little wine to sleep. I was so looking forward to this meeting!

And then, the circle in the meeting space, twelve doulas or doulas-in-training, gathered together. Introductions from each person, and something shared by each one, something 'that is not usually shared in a group.' Then my turn. I say a few words - "That the only births I've been to have been my own children's - one a high-tech hospital birth in 1980, and two at-home births with midwives (no doulas though) in 1985 and 1987"..... "That I fell in love with my midwife and wanted to become one"..... and, "That.....oh my, here come the tears…..”

I was given good space to pause and breathe, and one kind hand on one shoulder and another kind hand on one leg. My children. That's why I'm here with you now, speaking about Homeopathy. The 'dots' at that point, connected.

My children's births, my work with Gayle our first midwife, who recommended Homeopathy to our family...who recommended researching before vaccinating....who opened perhaps the biggest door of all to me which was: to assume real responsibility for my life and health and well-being, and for that of my children. Of not giving my life or my children's lives over to an authority or expert, unless I had done my research and knew it to be right for me and for them. I didn't know it at the time, but I was on my way to a more 'un-mediated' life.

In the midst of this doula group I felt overwhelmed that it was my children who had brought me here. Knowing that my youngest, who had died suddenly in 2009, was instrumental in opening a HUGE door for me, I say "Thankyou Colin!" Our children are here to teach us!

Benny, our old Bichon, is nearing the end of his earthly life. I am sad. I haven't attended a dying animal companion before. I now have a thick cough and maybe bronchitis. Historically, my sadness goes to my chest.

I imagine attaching one of Colin's glass pendants to Benny's collar, as a greeting to Colin from me. Benny will be the messenger between the worlds.

There is disorder in the world: this is an excellent thing. At a time of disorder, the system is susceptible, ripe for healing: the similar potentized remedy brings the possibility of healing. Isn't that the greatest thing?





Journey through Change