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Vaccinations: Risks ..Concerns ..Choices

  • What are vaccine ingredients?
  • Do vaccines work?
  • Are vaccinations mandatory?
  • Are vaccine schedules safe?
  • What is the impact of vaccines on your child's health?
  • What about your right to informed consent? 

If you, or anyone you know, are asking any of the above questions, then do join us for a:

Presentation and Open Discussion with Edda West, President

of Vaccine Choice Canada: Wednesday June 14, 2017, 7-9 pm,

266 Baker St, Nelson BC  

Admission is by donation. Reprints, Books and DVDs will be available.

  • Vaccines are complex biochemical drugs that carry a risk of health injury.
  • The greatest number of vaccines are given in the first two years of life during the most critical phases of brain and immune system development.
  • Preschool children in British Columbia receive more vaccines than in other provinces - up to 53 doses of up to 15 different vaccines.

Let your vaccine research either begin, or continue, with this presentation and discussion. The evening is guaranteed to be eye-opening and stimulating! Space is limited to 60. See you there!




Journey through Change