Vitamin C Treatment of Whooping Cough

I've added two links under Articles and Resources/Other Support Sites page. In one, a youtube lecture, Suzanne Humphries examines Vitamin C; in another, an article by Suzanne, she looks at the use of hi-dose Vitamin C/sodium ascorbate in whooping cough. How inspiring to know that we as parents can support our children when they succumb to an illness such as whooping cough. What a beautiful tool we have in Vitamin C. 

I had no phone calls about whooping cough this year, or requests for treatment, but had several calls about the measles, as the propoganda was - and is - running high this year, and some parents are concerned. Suzanne Humphries speaks also on the use of Vitamin A for measles. 

Heads-up that Vaxxed 2 the movie is coming out soon. It tells the parents' stories. It puts up, in full view, on the big screen, the faces of the children and their families, whether they are vaccine-injured or not, whether they are vaccinated or not. This movie gives us the study in visual form, that we vaccine-aware folk have been asking for all along: Who is healthier, the vaccinated or the unvaccinated? I'll be there!