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More Comfrey Magic

Our backyard 'lawn' is quite uneven, and I step into a slight hole while dragging a bale of hay, backwards. I know right then that I had wrenched my left ankle.

I immediately sit and begin tapping: "Even though I just strained my left ankle and it's starting to hurt, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.....Even though I just wrenched my left ankle, just below the bone, I deeply and completely love and accept myself... etc etc." I then hobble inside to get my Arnica:  first internal Arnica, then maybe Rhus Tox, then maybe Ledum.

I notice swelling, and a pricking pain. I apply topical Arnica. It's not too bad, I think, although it really hurts to walk, especially down stairs. My understanding for a twist or sprain, is to keep moving. Lying down is uncomfortable, as the foot tends to fall forward or sideways, and puts an extra strain on the ankle. Inflammation.

Fast forward to that evening, and the flash of insight that said: "comfrey poultice!" Of course. That's why I planted comfrey in the yard.

I use the medium-size, juicy-looking leaves. I say thankyou to the plant. I make a paste with the chopped leaves, in the food processor. Then I drain the water and apply the slimy paste directly to the injury.To make a thicker, less runny poultice, in the next poultice I add some flour to the paste. And in the next poultice, I use a neutral cream ointment as a base for the paste: that mix especially, sits and stays really well on the ankle area. Dan wraps the area tightly with saran wrap first, and then with a cloth to absorb any paste droppings. I do this just before bed and enjoy a pain-free sleep. As well, I add in Symphytum 200C, internally: that's Comfrey or Bone-knit, in homeopathic form.

Symphytum a.k.a. Comfrey, is not just for bone-breaks, but is useful for any kind of connective tissue that's been over-stretched or torn (eg. a meniscus, or ligament, or torn rotator cuff). A Comfrey poultice is absorbed through the skin, and goes right into the torn tissue, and immediately initiates repair. And it is so soothing. 

My regimen: Internal Arnica for a couple of days, plus the Comfrey poultice overnight, plus an increased dose of Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate): I figure that it is the toxins that create the inflammation, and that there are more toxins with trauma, and so more Vitamin C supports the body to de-tox. And epsom salts baths are good for de-toxing too.

The accident happened on a Monday, and by Thursday, I was comfortable but careful, walking. Friday I walked uphill to our home. I am surprised, maybe a little embarrassed, to be healing so quickly. I didn't really have to cancel those meetings, did I?

Journey through Change