MacLaren Homeopathy

Journey through Change

Important Events Are Taking Place

At this time in history, maybe we humans are indeed rising in awareness. If that's true, then it seems important to be awake for the event. What if my grandchild one day in the future asked me: What did you do in the Great Lockdown Grandma? I want to have something to say to her. My button says: Stand Up For Freedom. And that's what I do at this time.

The rain is turned on this night. Pleasure. A skunk may come by later, just outside my open window - with his wildly aggressive smell, especially potent at 2 am. I have more certainty that my young neighbour will start his car at 7 am and let it warm up for oh, 20 minutes or so, with the radio on loud, outside my open window. There's a kind of beauty in the routine of these events.

Bigger rain. Nelson rain. Nelson Homeopathy. People continue to come for consults. Homeopathy is Barefoot medicine, User-Friendly medicine, Medicine for the People. Hurray for all that! I offer Homeopathy to suffering Humanity, with deep pleasure and joy.

I'm also offering my made-in-Nelson pottery in an on-line way at:  I am thrilled to unabashedly add this link to my homeopathy website. Please ignore the 'cartel' bit.