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Re: Overcoming the Robotic MInd - Why Humanity Must Come Through

Question: We clearly live at a time of considerable confusion and uncertainty; what essential message would you like to pass to your readers concerning the immediate years ahead?

Julian Rose:
The underlying reason for insecurity, fear and a lack of sense of direction, is due to the discovery that life is not the straight line from A to B. Not exactly the straight forward march to social and economic security we were led to believe it would be by our education system. It is actually much closer to what the English poet William Blake called a "crooked road of genius."

What we are educated to believe does not fit the reality of what we find along this crooked road. So we need to accept the twists and turns rather than get stressed-out by them.

We need to learn to live by our deepest intuitions and bravely follow the path they lead us down - no matter what. This is the only formula that will defeat the rise in robotic 'solutions' and the less-than-human cyborg which we are being conditioned to become. It is the only power that can defeat the robotic nature of a society conditioned to deny the cry of its own soul....the cry for the full manifestation of the divine gift of imagination, love and sharing which is our common birthright......that unnameable power which steers us down the organic path of our true individual destinies.