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These Days...

These days I am reading Beauty: The Invisible Embrace by John O'Donohue. What is beauty? Beauty is a big part of why I love homeopathy so much. Homeopathy, among many other things, offers us the opportunity to explore symmetry, balance, pattern (or lack thereof) in one's life; and to perhaps get a glimpse of the eternal, an awareness of the soul's needs, at the same time.

In my pottery practice - I call it Minimum Dose Pottery now - I feel called to flesh out form, to bring an idea into materiality - to make mugs especially!  I remember asserting years ago that: "I'm only in it (pot-making) for the beauty!" I don't know if I really knew what I was saying at the time, but it felt very true - I'm sure now that it is food for my soul. Likewise homeopathy; for the client and the practitioner, homeopathy is food for the soul, whether we know it or not!

Here is something from O'Donohue's book:

small clay cup"Though beauty is autonomous, there seem to be occasions when human presence can become congruent with her will. In creative work no amount of force or mechanical management can guarantee beauty. Suddenly, without expecting it, beauty is there. Yet ultimately beauty is a profound illumination of presence, a stirring of the invisible in visible form and in order to receive this, we need to cultivate a new style of approaching the world."

A friend of mine took a photo of a small ("Minimum Dose") cup I had made last summer. She captures something shimmering and beautiful inside this little piece, and I am taken by surprise. Thankyou Brita, wonderful quilter that you are! Let's see if I can include the photo in this article.....

Love, Margo