MacLaren Homeopathy

Journey through Change

To Heal or to Cure?

Congratulations on seeking Homeopathy! Or is Homeopathy seeking you? My website is new and my chosen slogan is Journey Through Change. Homeopathy is the central healing modality that I offer.

In understanding the case of the person sitting in front of me, I will ask: "What needs to be healed in this person's life?" To "heal" means to make whole; to reconnect; to reconcile; to restore - to heal a rift for example. Healing happens when the wound comes together. Each of us has the innate ability to self-heal - just watch as the ends of a broken bone regenerate tissue and come together, even stronger than before. Healing is available to everyone. "Making whole" means there's no longer anything left out, including the disease. In Ram Dass' words: "I haven't been cured of my stroke, but I've been healed by it." If healing sounds like a more spiritual word, well, for me it is.

"Curing" on the other hand is rooted in "taking care of," like the curate or pastor of a church congregation. Curing is disease-specific: to "take the cure" for example, is to undergo an alcohol or drug treatment program. The "cure" rate for cancer is such-and-such........Actually, cancer is "cured" in conventional terms when the tumour is dispensed with, via surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation, and does not return for so many years. "Cure" here means eradication of the symptom of the disease, via an external force. But what is cancer? Is it only the tumour? Or is there more to this disease? What if the tumour is the result of the body's best efforts to heal from some imbalance on a deeper level? Tumours can grow in times of stress and disappear when the stress disappears. Tumours have been found to contain stress hormones; the same as in tears of sadness. Interesting, no? When they cut the tumour out and it doesn't return for a time, they say you are "cured" of cancer; but are you "healed?" Can conventional, materialistic treatment actually heal?

The good homeopathic remedy acts as a stimulus to provoke self-healing. Because Homeopathy is an energetically-based system of  medicine, it reaches the deeper levels, where the real healing takes place. I am remembering times when I felt sick, cut off, uninterested in life - maybe I've had bronchitis or the flu - and then with a good remedy (or not), I start to feel better inside. Just a feeling, that I'm back into life, back into the human race. I might not be completely cured of my symptoms, but my healing, my re-connection, has begun. My energy begins to lift. I notice what's around me. Healing is knowing that I'm loved, that I'm not alone. Healing offers peace of mind, an easy flow through life. When I'm healed I'm back into the warmth of the Sun.