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Journey through Change

Web Launch, Trauma and Wheat Belly


I hereby launch my website: Journey Through Change, via my blog. My website is aimed at any and all who travel through life. Welcome! Visit! Read! Email me! I'd love to hear from you!

Big "thankyou" to Larry who developed and implemented my site - it's so much more than I imagined!

Welcome to my blog!

One woman's journey so far.

This website represents my movement out into a larger community. And I want to use the blog format to mark pauses or reflections along the way. I love homeopathy and I want to share the experience of homeopathy in my life. Homeopathy is a huge umbrella that catches so much under its shelter - maybe all of life - where all is grist for the mill, all is on the Path, everything we encounter is there for our learning and growth.

To Heal or to Cure?

Congratulations on seeking Homeopathy! Or is Homeopathy seeking you? My website is new and my chosen slogan is Journey Through Change. Homeopathy is the central healing modality that I offer.

In understanding the case of the person sitting in front of me, I will ask: "What needs to be healed in this person's life?" To "heal" means to make whole; to reconnect; to reconcile; to restore - to heal a rift for example. Healing happens when the wound comes together. Each of us has the innate ability to self-heal - just watch as the ends of a broken bone regenerate tissue and come together, even stronger than before.

Comfrey and Collarbones

A call came last Saturday: "I had an accident." My husband has been a motorcycle rider for a scant two summers. This time he was on a return trip from the Okanagan. The highway had become gravel at a turn in the road and he and his bike had fallen. His bike was okay. Dan though had fallen on his left shoulder which in turn had pushed inward, forcing the collarbone to snap. The x-ray later showed a gap of 11/2 inches between the two bone-ends. Ouch.