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Welcome to my blog!

One woman's journey so far.

This website represents my movement out into a larger community. And I want to use the blog format to mark pauses or reflections along the way. I love homeopathy and I want to share the experience of homeopathy in my life. Homeopathy is a huge umbrella that catches so much under its shelter - maybe all of life - where all is grist for the mill, all is on the Path, everything we encounter is there for our learning and growth.

Comfrey and Collarbones

A call came last Saturday: "I had an accident." My husband has been a motorcycle rider for a scant two summers. This time he was on a return trip from the Okanagan. The highway had become gravel at a turn in the road and he and his bike had fallen. His bike was okay. Dan though had fallen on his left shoulder which in turn had pushed inward, forcing the collarbone to snap. The x-ray later showed a gap of 11/2 inches between the two bone-ends. Ouch.

To Heal or to Cure?

Congratulations on seeking Homeopathy! Or is Homeopathy seeking you? My website is new and my chosen slogan is Journey Through Change. Homeopathy is the central healing modality that I offer.

In understanding the case of the person sitting in front of me, I will ask: "What needs to be healed in this person's life?" To "heal" means to make whole; to reconnect; to reconcile; to restore - to heal a rift for example. Healing happens when the wound comes together. Each of us has the innate ability to self-heal - just watch as the ends of a broken bone regenerate tissue and come together, even stronger than before.

Ask a Homeopath

Why have I included this on my website?

Well, I thought it would be fun and maybe inspiring to some. I could have it as a kind of advice column….or as a place for readers to ask questions about Homeopathy…or as a place to ask questions of myself, things that I would want to know if I were a client. I’m not using this section as a forum to take cases and make prescriptions, but I will point you in a direction where you can find some answers for yourself. I want readers to find themselves a good homeopath who will take their case and provide good remedies. For me, it’s not a good idea to make “shoot from the hip” prescriptions. I like to be more careful.

Let me see…..Why choose Homeopathy?

It looks expensive and it’s generally (in Canada anyway) not covered by insurance. And it’s not necessarily the quick-fix medicine that insurance companies would like anyway. I’m imagining that if you’re choosing homeopathy as your system of medicine, that you might rather avoid being accountable to insurance companies anyway! And the appointments, they take time too, with lots of questions and hard questions sometimes from the homeopath, and you might need/want to go inside yourself; to remember your dreams; to remember the challenging situations; to remember the fears. Questions about your childhood: What was your nature as a child? Did you have any recurrent dreams or fears? What are the feelings you can remember having? And the physical stuff….what childhood illnesses, vaccinations, accidents or hospitalizations did you have? And your siblings, parents, grandparents, and relatives - what were their illnesses? What is your chief complaint? Describe that in detail. Wow. It’s kind of therapeutic. Lots of people say they feel better just after talking, after telling their story, maybe by simply coming at their story from a different angle. And they haven’t had a remedy yet! Isn’t that beautiful?! There are lots more reasons to choose Homeopathy and I’ll talk about them in future articles, maybe in my blog.

And from my “How I Work: The Consultation” page: What does it mean that I look for “the thematic thread that runs through the physical and mental-emotional symptoms?

Our disease symptoms reflect an energetic disturbance or imbalance at a deep level – some call it the level of the ‘mind’ - and our bodies create symptoms to restore balance. If balance isn’t restored, then the disease continues and we feel sick or in pain; we’re still out of balance; and like a hologram, the energetic pattern of our symptoms are the same on all levels, because they come from the same source. Does that make sense? It means that we are a unified whole and our symptoms reflect that whole. There is the same ‘reason’ (if you will), behind every symptom. For example: on the mental-emotional level, our remedy Sepia is in a state of stasis: she feels dark, heavy, depressed and weighed down by her household/family duties. She doesn’t like this household/mothering business very much. Emotions tire her out. Physically, her uterus expresses that dragged down/heavy feeling, and she feels she must cross her legs to ‘hold herself in’, because her muscles and joints feel lax and weak as well. Her face may look sallow and drawn down. Sepia expresses ‘stasis’ on all levels (physical, emotional and mental) – stasis, no movement, stillness; but if she can summon up her energy and go dancing she feels much much better, because dancing, any vigorous movement or exercise, pulls her out of her stasis and stuckness and she feels enlivened. Sepia loves the activity of a thunderstorm.

So let’s end there. Email me your questions and I will answer them at regular intervals via my blog.

Journey through Change