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Journey through Change


Homeopathy Can Help

Are You ...

worried woman
Experiencing an intense life change?
Overwhelmed by the uncertainty?
Desperate to make it better?

Change doesn't have to be so painful!


Safe, Gentle and Effective

Homeopathy offers safe, gentle and effective treatment for you or anyone you know who is in the midst of a painful transition.

When Hormones Play a Major Role

Homeopathy can help with any life change (puberty, pregnancy or menopause), where:


Being born, bonding, affiliating, growing up, menarching, conjugating, parenting, being orphaned, menopausing, growing older, growing bolder and dying, are all natural developmental processes...
Women are experts of these processes.

— Melissa Assilem

  • You feel out-of-balance, not your usual self - like you’re on a roller-coaster ride.
  • Your body is changing and your symptoms feel intense and ‘over-the-top’ – you’re having hot flushes, drenching sweats and you’re weeping without knowing why.
  • You’re over-reacting to situations, and everyone around you is affected by your moods.
  • You feel ambivalent, sad, or confused.
  • You may be considering Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) but are concerned about the risks. Homeopathy offers a natural, holistic and non-invasive alternative to HRT in most cases.


For Grieving a Loss

Homeopathy can help for the grief of a loss: of your youth; of your children when they leave home; of your role in the world as mother or caregiver.

Has your life situation changed and you are now single or widowed?

Have you suffered the loss of a child or of anyone else close to you?


Homeopathy for all stages of life

For Normal Passages in Human Growth and Development

Homeopathy can help for normal passages in human growth and development – when a baby is teething, or with changes that occur with aging for example - that seem unusually stressful.

For Usual Life Changes

Homeopathy can help for usual life changes such as: moving house, changing jobs, or having a child, where there is difficulty in adapting to changed and changing circumstances.