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Journey through Change


Homeopathy Can Help - Transition: means 'A Going Across'

Bridging Life Changes

Transition means: “a going across.”  A transition acts as a bridge or  connector, between one state of being and another. A transition prompts us to let go of the ‘old’ state and to move toward the ‘new’ one; but until we arrive at our destination, how do we navigate the distance in-between? Is there even a destination?! And what is on that ‘new shore’ anyway?



I go to my MD when I need a diagnosis. But for the deeper stuff, the ‘soul stuff’, I want deeper medicine. Menopause is a big deal for me – it’s now or never!

Margo listened to my story, delved into my symptoms and the stresses in my life; and then offered a remedy that matched my symptoms specifically. I knew with the first remedy that things were shifting, and the process has continued for these 3 years. Sometimes it’s a big leap (like the mood shift and the cessation of the hot flashes); and sometimes it’s a subtle one.

Overall, I feel better – more at peace and easier in my body.

— H.F. age 52

Make the journey with confidence

What if you could make the journey with confidence, knowing that you do have the inner resources to do so? Homeopathy can help you do just that!

Homeopathy offers support at any stage of life, whether your suffering is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.


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