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How I Work: The Consultation


Practitioner and client need time to get to know each other. The practitioner requires a fairly full understanding of the client before recommending a remedy. Sometimes the first remedy tried produces rapid and permanent results; sometimes the response to the first remedy gives the homeopath important clues to a better remedy.

Homeopathic care takes time. It is realistic to consult a classical homeopath if you can commit to an initial appointment and then one to three follow-up appointments. After this time period, results should be apparent.

The first appointment is approximately one and one-half to two hours long. I offer a safe, confidential place to talk – either in person, on the phone, or via Zoom. I will ask some questions, but mostly I will let you talk about your concerns. My aim as homeopath is to guide you into exploring the stressful situations in your life, the places where you may feel ‘stuck’ – and to hear how the stress affects you through the symptoms you describe: I will seek a remedy to match your particular constellation of symptoms. The more complete an understanding I have of you, the more accurately I can prescribe.

When the interview is over, I may recommend a remedy right then, but most often I will study your case, in order to be certain of the best remedy match for you. I will have the remedy to you within a few days after that, unless it needs to be ordered, and I will tell you so.

homeo remedies

Sometimes one dose of a remedy is all that is needed to catalyze your own system's healing response. Sometimes the remedy needs to be repeated every day or every month. If you have a longstanding chronic condition, you should expect to be 'on the healing path' for at least one month for every year you've had the condition; although the process can take more or less time depending on your system's adaptability. Children often respond more quickly to remedies than adults do.

I am committed to working with you through follow-up appointments until you are sure that you are back-in-the-flow health-wise. After that, you may need further appointments as tune-ups, or for acute illnesses that may arise.

The necessary Follow-up Appointment, is generally 4-6 weeks after the remedy has acted. Follow-ups are usually one-half to one hour long.

I encourage the use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping,  Bach Flower Remedies, and Schussler Tissue Salts as supportive therapies.

I have done several rounds of the hcg protocol and would be happy to discuss it with you; or to direct you to appropriate sources of information, if you want to use hcg for weight loss.


I have two ways to begin working with clients, the Focus and the Regular Consult (see above for the workings of a Regular Consult). The Focus Consult takes 1 hour (Regular is usually 2 hours or more), and attention is directed to only one complaint or body system (Regular is a full assessment, including family history). A Focus Consult costs $75 (half of the Regular price).

Both Focus and Regular consults allow us to confidently approach your health concerns. Which might be the better option for you at this time?

A Focus Consult involves less time, less money, and a sharper focus. Follow-ups are 2-3 weeks apart (as needed). Focus Consults are especially good for: menstrual issues, women's migraines, post-partum depression, lesional complaints (fibroids eg.); sciatica, shingles; flu and other true acutes; recent injuries, and for any recent changes from normal.


Call me at 250-354-7072 for a free 30 minute consultation to determine if homeopathy would be the right fit for you at this time.

I can also be reached by email using our web contact form.  

I will do my best to return phone calls and emails within 24 hours.

RE CONFIDENTIALITY: Please be aware that anything you tell me in the context of our professional relationship is confidential (this is true for teens as well as adults). Records cannot be released to anyone without your written permission. Also please be aware that email correspondence may not be as confidential or secure as you may require.

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Initial Consultations: 1.5 - 2 hours

Adult   $150

 up to 15 years $100

Follow-up Consultations: 1 - 1.5 hours

Adult   $100
Child   $75

Focus Consult: 1 hour


Adult   $75 
Child   $50 

Telephone and zoom/telephone appointments are billed as regular appointments.

For your convenience I accept cheques, e-transfer and PayPal.