MacLaren Homeopathy

Journey through Change

Who I Am

Homeopathy came to me in 1987, when I was a delighted witness to our infant son's healing from thrush with a homeopathic remedy. My formal studies came later, through the Devon School of Homeopathy in England, where I attained my Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy (DHom UK).

Presently my on-going education in homeopathy comes through study groups, seminars, peer consultation and continuing clinical training. I am a Registered Member of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths  I maintain a practice in Nelson BC, Canada. I have been a marriage partner for 44 years and I am the mother to two adult sons.

Our youngest son died suddenly in 2009 at age 22. His death continues to unfold its gifts and challenges. From my perspective, there is loss and consequent grief in almost every transition we make as human beings. It could be said that unresolved grief is at the root of all chronic disease. Homeopathy brings light to the deeper, darker, suffering places.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and working with clay is my second practice. I have volunteered with Nelson Hospice as a bereavement group facilitator. Central to my work and life is my meditation practice, Sahaj Marg ('Natural Path') or Heartfulness, that is based on an ancient system of Raja Yoga.

Now, as an older woman and homeopath, I feel equipped to work with those clients who understand that health is a dynamic process. I work well with those clients who appreciate that transitions, even when they feel stressful, are pivotal times - when our symptoms are often very clear and on the surface - and as such, are great opportunities for growth and healing.

Having Margo for encouragement and support for my particular healing process, was a welcome change from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of conventional medicine. She respected my inner authority, and affirmed what I already know; that I know what’s best for me. It’s a powerful experience to have one’s own intuitions affirmed.
A.B. age 37